Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Campbell Fellowship for Women Scholar-Practitioners from Developing Nations

The School for Advanced Research on the Human Experience (SAR) and the Vera Campbell Foundation offer the Campbell Fellowship, which provides financial support for one six-month fellowship to a female social scientist from a developing nation. The Campbell fellow can be a PhD candidate or a post-doctoral scholar whose research deals with women’s economic and social empowerment in her home country.

The Campbell Fellowship intends to advance the scholarly careers of women social scientists from developing nations and to support research that addresses issues surrounding gender inequality in the developing world. The Fellow will be selected based on citizenship, academic discipline, research topic, and English fluency.

Fellowship Description:One six-month fellowship is available for a female social scientist from a developing nation, either a PhD candidate or post-doctoral scholar, whose work addresses women’s economic and social empowerment in that nation. The goal of the program is twofold: to advance the scholarly careers of women social scientists from the developing world, and to support research that identifies causes of gender inequity in the developing world and that proposes practical solutions for promoting women’s economic and social empowerment.

In addition to a $4,500/month stipend and housing and office space on the SAR campus, the Campbell Fellow receives travel, shipping, and library resource funds; health insurance; and the support of a mentoring committee of established scholar-practitioners.


  • Citizenship: Applicants must be nationals of developing countries that are currently eligible to borrow from the World Bank.

  • Academic Discipline: Applicants should be pursuing research in one of the social sciences: anthropology, economics, education, geography, history, law, linguistics, political science, psychology, social work, or sociology, or in an interdisciplinary field that incorporates two or more of these disciplines.

  • Research Topic: Projects that identify causes of and/or solutions to gender inequity in the developing world, and thus contribute to women’s social and economic empowerment, will be favored. Sample topics include education and socialization of girls; globalization and the economic status of women; policies and practices toward family, reproduction, and women’s health; impacts of international and civil conflict on women; women’s roles in resolving such conflicts or sustaining civil society; media representations of women and the formation of ideologies of gender; the practice and process of gender-based development; and women in science and technology. SAR will select fellows on the strength of their clearly stated intention to serve their communities and countries of origin.

  • English Fluency: To facilitate full engagement in the SAR intellectual community, applicants must demonstrate their fluency in English, such as through their record of professional interaction in written and spoken English.

    For more information and application:
    Applications to the Resident Scholar Program (Due on November 1st.)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Qatar Airways creates new National Scholarship Program for Qatari youth

Qatar Airways has created a dedicated new National Scholarship Program targeted at talented Qatari high school graduates. The long-term initiative is aimed at supporting their education to develop the right set of skills required by the airline and to qualify them for senior commercial and leadership positions at Qatar Airways.

The new scholarship for Qatari nationals has a strong focus on business-centered degrees in majors such as Business Administration and Management, Marketing and Communications, Computer Science, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Logistics and Law.

It complements an existing scheme the airline runs in collaboration with Qatar's Aeronautical College, which prepares Qatari students to take on various roles within the aviation industry covering areas such as engineering, passenger services, airport operations, cargo and pilots.

Building on this success, the newly-introduced scholarship program is yet another step taken by Qatar Airways to provide Qataris with support for educational success and enhanced career prospects within the national airline.

It is also a strategic business initiative in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, which highlights the importance of investing in the country's human development in order for Qatar to become an advanced, knowledge-based and diversified economy. With this national vision in mind, the airline plans to grant up to 50 Qatari students with scholarships this year and increasing the numbers each year thereafter.

The Qatar Airways National Scholarship Program will mark its official debut on June 12 at the Oryx Rotana Hotel in Doha, where Dr. Kholode Al-Obaidli, recently appointed to head up the scheme, will brief students, parents and scholars on its objectives, admission requirements, selection process and the scholarship benefits.

The event is open to Qatari grade 12 students, their parents, as well as Deans, Principals and Career Counselors of local schools and universities.

Still in its early stages, the initiative is already receiving a great response. "Since we started advertising the new program in local media, applications are coming in on a daily basis," said Dr. Al-Obaidli, Senior Manager Qatar Airways National Scholarship Program.

Watch for more details!