Saturday, June 4, 2011

Qatar Airways creates new National Scholarship Program for Qatari youth

Qatar Airways has created a dedicated new National Scholarship Program targeted at talented Qatari high school graduates. The long-term initiative is aimed at supporting their education to develop the right set of skills required by the airline and to qualify them for senior commercial and leadership positions at Qatar Airways.

The new scholarship for Qatari nationals has a strong focus on business-centered degrees in majors such as Business Administration and Management, Marketing and Communications, Computer Science, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Logistics and Law.

It complements an existing scheme the airline runs in collaboration with Qatar's Aeronautical College, which prepares Qatari students to take on various roles within the aviation industry covering areas such as engineering, passenger services, airport operations, cargo and pilots.

Building on this success, the newly-introduced scholarship program is yet another step taken by Qatar Airways to provide Qataris with support for educational success and enhanced career prospects within the national airline.

It is also a strategic business initiative in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, which highlights the importance of investing in the country's human development in order for Qatar to become an advanced, knowledge-based and diversified economy. With this national vision in mind, the airline plans to grant up to 50 Qatari students with scholarships this year and increasing the numbers each year thereafter.

The Qatar Airways National Scholarship Program will mark its official debut on June 12 at the Oryx Rotana Hotel in Doha, where Dr. Kholode Al-Obaidli, recently appointed to head up the scheme, will brief students, parents and scholars on its objectives, admission requirements, selection process and the scholarship benefits.

The event is open to Qatari grade 12 students, their parents, as well as Deans, Principals and Career Counselors of local schools and universities.

Still in its early stages, the initiative is already receiving a great response. "Since we started advertising the new program in local media, applications are coming in on a daily basis," said Dr. Al-Obaidli, Senior Manager Qatar Airways National Scholarship Program.

Watch for more details!


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  2. Ahmad,

    I tried sending you an email with information and suggestions, but the email came back undeliverable. If you go to the Scholarships for International Students Facebook page (just click on the link at the top right) - I can post a reponse to you. Or, send me an updated email address.

  3. Dear Sir/Madame, I am samuel Ayesiga in Uganda East Africa.
    I am interested in a pilots scholarship from Quatar Airways for a PPL and CPL so that I can eventually fly with Quatar Airways.
    Please help me with the procedure as to access this facility.
    I hope to hear from you soon so as to achieve my dream.
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  4. Hello Samuel,

    Could you post your question and information on the Scholarships for International Students Facebook page? It's easier to post replies there. You can click on the Facebook link in the upper right of the blog. Thanks!

    1. My name is Hani Shah, im looking to work for qatar Airways, i am currently in my last year of high school. looking at the scholarship programme that qatar airways offers i see that its only applicable for "Qataris". I was born in Qatar, if that helps in anyway or if there are any other programmes that Qatar Airways offers where being a Qatari is not essential please let me know.

  5. please i want to be enrolled under one of your scholarship program
    . i need help
    shaibu fuseini iddrisu

  6. My name is Hani Shah, im looking to work for qatar Airways, i am currently in my last year of high school. looking at the scholarship programme that qatar airways offers i see that its only applicable for "Qataris". I was born in Qatar, if that helps in anyway or if there are any other programmes that Qatar Airways offers where being a Qatari is not essential please let me know.

  7. Am a ugandan student in my final secondary school year. my dream is to be a pilot in qatar airways.My name is MPANGO DOMINIC, please can you fix me in any schorlarship or grant programe.Am willing to abide by any rules am given.According to my previos grades,am sure that i will perform to your expectations.WHEN GIVEN THE CHANCE I VOW NEVER TO LET YOU DOWN.

  8. I'm Idowu Abiodun Issa from Nigeria, I had ND in Business Studies from The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, Ogun State, Nigeria. I'll like to further my education through schoolarship in Qatar, especially in management courses like business administration or marketing.

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    thank you

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  12. i am a kenyan student pursuing a degree in instrumentation and control engineering. i would like to fly but unfortunately i dont have enough funds. can qautar aiways sponsor me for a pilot course?

  13. my name is Raoul i am a Cameroonian i leave in Doha and i will like to obtain scholarship to this academic year in your school

  14. My name is sharon kendi from Kenya,i just completed high school and woul like to be a it possible for me to get a scholarship?

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  15. My name is Muhammad Wiku Al-Fazri, I'm Indonesian aged 18 years old. I have finish my last education at chemical analyst vocational school. Now I work at medical factory. Since I wad a little I would like to become a pilot specialy for Qatar Airways. Is there any chance for me to get scholarship? Please help me to get my dreams come true. Thankyou very much
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  16. My name is Abdelmajeed Bakri i am 18 years old and iI sat down for IGCSE O-level and got 2A*'s 3A's and 3 B's and am currently a first year undergraduate student in the University Of Khartoum IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING i hope thats enough if you accept me it will be a dream come true because this airways is one of the best airways in the world not only in the middle east but in the whole world.

    yours faithfully,

  17. My name is Erick Sempala, I'm Ugandan aged 23years old. I have completed a bachelors degree in Pubic Administration and Management at Uganda Christian University. Apparently am volunteering at Winterland primary school with an aim of helping the community attain literacy. Flying is a dream that I have held onto since i was young and which I would love to achieve. Flying for Qatar Airways would be a great honor for me because it is the best I know and that has blessed my country with its extended routes. Any chance for me to get scholarship would be a total life changer for me . Thank you very much for your consideration and regards
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  19. Dear sir/madame,I am Edward Eddy Hindjou from Namibia West Africa.
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  21. Hello! Am Idowu Damilare Emmanuel by name with a Nigerian Citizenship,every since I was young my dream was to become a professional Pilot but due to lack of funds I could not pursue the dream anymore so I obtained my National Diploma in Computer Science at D.S Adegbenro I.C.T Polytechnic in Ogun State. I still want to pursue my dream so I will be happy and glad if I will gain a Scholarship from Qatar Airlines thanks so much. You can contact me here on my mail: or Mobile: 09025170933

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