Wednesday, January 11, 2012

International PhD Scholarships in Biology at University of Queensland, Australia

The School of Biological Sciences is a large and research intensive unit at the University of Queensland, one of Australia’s most prestigious Universities. The School has broad expertise across the disciplines of ecology and evolution, molecular and quantitative genetics, developmental biology, behavior, plant and animal physiology, and conservation biology. Their research programs span all scales of biological organization, from molecules and cells, to organisms, populations, species and communities, and take advantage of study animal and plant systems in a large variety of habitats. The School has announced a new initiative that has made available a number of PhD scholarships for talented International students who enroll in their PhD program in 2012.

Applicants should possess a Bachelor’s degree with Honours, Master of Science, MPhil or equivalent, and must be accepted into the PhD program at the University of Queensland. The UQ Graduate School website provides further information on the entry requirements for admission to the PhD program (

Living stipend (scholarship) of $23,728 per annum for 3 years which is tax free, with the possibility of a 6 month extension. International students normally pay international student fees of $29,600 per year, however individuals successful in gaining one of these scholarships will also be granted a full tuition-fee waiver.

The Application Process
Interested students should identify potential supervisors within their research area of interest ( and contact them to discuss potential projects. Strong candidates will be invited to apply for entry to the PhD program, and if accepted into the program will be considered for the School of Biological Sciences International Scholarships on a competitive basis.

For further information:
For detailed information on research programs, see
For furher information on the application process please contact the Postgraduate Administration Officer Gail Walter


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    International Scholarships provide information about scholarship and financial aid for undergraduate, post graduate, doctor or PhD scholarship, and non degree scholarship. The scholarships are tenable for up to 3 years for a PhD and are open to international applicants only. Thanks a lot....

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