Monday, April 6, 2009

Twitter for Scholarships!

In the last blog posting – Finding Scholarship Sources – I mentioned Twitter as a means of following professional people, organizations, schools, and web sites. You can also use Twitter to search for scholarship opportunities.

Using Twitter Search (, start your initial search using basic terms, such as scholarship, scholarships, scholarship application, scholarship deadline, international scholarships, scholarships international students, and so on. Some results will come from professional sources, others from students; either way, it could be very informative and helpful.

Next, search for links or websites by searching for scholarship www; scholarship http; or scholarship deadline www; scholarship deadline http; and so on. You can also substitute the word grant for scholarship, and search for grants as well.

Within Twitter Search, in the right column, you can subscribe to any of the Twitter searches in Google Reader, or any RSS reader you use. If any specific organizations stand out in your searches, remember that you may also be ablbe to follow them on Twitter!

If you haven’t created a Twitter profile – now is definitely the time! Visit Twitter to create your profile. Find professionals, schools, and organizations to follow. Use Twitter Search and start searching for scholarships and grants today! Set up RSS feeds to keep you updated on all the latest information. Good luck!


  1. Thanks for this post! I've already shared with many of the students I work with that I know on Twitter and will be sending the link to all my students via old fashion e-mail.

  2. Thanks David! I appreciate it! : )

  3. I am looking out for finance opportunities for Doctor of Professional Studies in Computing at Pace University, fall 2010. This is a three years research doctorate program equivalent to PhD.

  4. Raj, Check the SIS Facebook page for a personalized answer.

  5. Hey there! I am in search of a fullbright International scholarship in medicine at USA or Australia. I am undergraduate and badly need a fully funded scholarship. Please help.

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