Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Scholarship Spotlight: Kathleen S. Anderson Award for Shorebird Research

Amount of grant: $ 1,000

Deadline: December 1st of each year

Description and eligibility:
The purpose of this award is to encourage significant avian research in areas of interest to Kathleen Anderson and Manomet, and to help promising biologists in their work. Requests for support of ecological and behavioral studies of birds, especially research furthering bird conservation, will be considered (e.g. endangered or endemic species, population viability, effects of land uses, habitat requirements, migration ecology, feeding ecology, species interactions, etc.).

Proposed projects must take place in the Americas. We encourage proposals from citizens/residents of countries south of the U.S. A total of $1000 will be awarded annually, either to one person or divided among two recipients.

Any person, of any age, beginning a career in biology is eligible. Enrollment in an academic program is desirable, but not required.
Grade level: undergraduate

Field of study: Veterinary and Animal Sciences; Biology

For more information: http://www.shorebirdworld.org/template.php?c=9&g=5#kathleen

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