Sunday, October 17, 2010

Scholarships for International Students and GlobalCampus Team Up to Help Students

Social networks can be very powerful for meeting new people, forming new relationships, and collaborating with like-minded individuals or groups. One group that I found and “liked” on Facebook, is GlobalCampus.

GlobalCampus is a social network connecting students with universities and institutions across the world. On GlobalCampus students get approached by institutions looking for their talent and notified of funding opportunities they qualify for. So students can simultaneously access a global range of opportunities without searching hundreds of websites, and universities can attract talent from around the globe without visiting every school. Signing-up to GlobalCampus is completely free! For more information, check them out at their website: or their Facebook Page:

Recently, my friends at GlobalCampus and I have been talking about the difficulties international students face when communicating with professional people – when writing letters to scholarship providers, or simply when posting questions on websites or sending email messages.

SIS and GlobalCampus have teamed up in a joint effort to share information that will help international students learn a few of the basics in communication and effective professional letter writing – that is why “How to Communicate With Scholarship Providers, and Write Effective Professional Letters” was created and shared with you in both channels. Read it on the SIS blog site: We look forward to future collaboration to continue serving international students!

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