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Scholarship Spotlight: Australia’s Endeavour Awards: competitive, merit-based scholarships

Awards Description:
The Endeavour Awards is the Australian Government`s internationally competitive, merit-based scholarship program providing opportunities for citizens of the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe and Americas to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia. Awards are also available for Australians to undertake study, research and professional development abroad.

The Endeavour Awards aim to:

  • Develop on-going educational, research and professional linkages between individuals, organizations and countries;

  • Provide opportunities for high achieving individuals from Australia and overseas to increase their skills and enhance their global awareness;

  • Contribute to Australia`s position as a high quality education and training provider, and a leader in research and innovation;

  • Increase the productivity of Australians through an international study, research or professional development experience.

The Endeavour Awards are a part of the Australia Awards initiative which was announced by the Government in November 2009. The Australia Awards have been established to maximize the benefit to Australia of its extensive scholarship programs, and to support enduring ties between Australia and our neighbors.

Participating Countries (International Applicants): Both developed and developing countries

Summary of Endeavour Awards:
Endeavour Postgraduate Awards: Up to $228,500 (PhD) and $118,500 (Masters)
Endeavour Research Fellowships: Up to $23,500
Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Research Fellowships: Up to $23,500
Endeavour Research Fellowships for Indigenous Australians: Up to $23,500
Endeavour Europe Awards: Up to $38,500
Endeavour Vocational Education and Training (VET) Awards: Up to $119,500
Endeavour Executive Awards: Up to $18,500

Preparing your Application:
Applications should be submitted through Endeavour Online, the online system which allows applicants to enter their personal details and information on their proposed program, and to upload the required supporting documentation.

The online application form is only accessible between 1 December and 31 January. Please refer to section 1.8 for additional information regarding accessing the online application system.

Applicants who do not have internet access may request a hard-copy application form by emailing indicating in their email the reasons why they are unable to apply online. Hardcopy applications must be received by the closing date. Late applications will not be considered.

Applications must satisfy the Eligibility Requirements in order to be considered by the Endeavour Awards selection panel.

Applicants should be aware that applications not received by the closing date will not be considered. Only applications that are submitted by the closing date will be assessed and applicants notified by email of the outcome of their applications.

Online application system:
The online application system, Endeavour Online, allows applicants to enter their personal details and information on their proposed program, and to upload the required supporting documentation directly onto the Endeavour Online system.

To apply online, applicants will need to go to the Endeavour Online system at: First-time users will need to register with the Endeavour Online system to create a user ID (the applicant`s nominated email address and password). Once registered, applicants may create a new application or continue working on an existing application.

New applications will be allocated a unique application number. This application number should be referred to in any correspondence with DEEWR.

A Step by Step Guide to using the Endeavour Online Application System may be found at: .

For more information:

If you require more information regarding the Endeavour Awards, please visit the Endeavour Awards website at: or contact the Endeavour Awards Management Team at:

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