Saturday, November 13, 2010

International College of Hotel Management, Australia: Undergraduate Scholarships 2011-2012

University: The International College of Hotel Management

Amount of Scholarship:
A$15,000 to be paid in the following manner:
Year 1 A$4,000; Year 2 A$4,000
Year 3 A$4,000; Year 4 A$3,000

April 1, 2011 for Round 1: July 2011 or January 2012;
September 2, 2011 for Round 2: January 2012 or July 2012

Eligibility or Requirements:
  • Open to all international students studying outside Australia, international students undertaking an English course in Australia, and international students who have completed less than two years high school in Australia. International students who finish high school in Australia including the last two years must apply for the Australian Entry Scholarships.
  • Minimum age requirement of 18 years old at the time of commencement with ICHM.Maximum age 24 at time of application.
  • Will complete/graduate in 2011 or prior to the July 2012 intake, or have already completed/graduated their final year of high school studies. Results must meet ICHM Academic Entry Requirements (refer to ICHM Prospectus or website).
  • For students whose mother tongue is other than English, IELTS 6.0/TOEFL 550. (Paper based; computer & internet also acceptable)
  • Open only to new students seeking entry into Year 1.
  • If you do not have a copy of our prospectus to assist with the preparation of your scholarship application, it can be viewed on ICHM website or contact the Admissions Office and a copy will be forwarded to you by post.
  • Other general information is available on the ICHM website or by contacting the ICHM Admissions Office.

How to apply:
Your completed application must contain:

  • Scholarship application form.
    This form is in two parts.- Cover page providing your personal contact details - Your response to 4 short-answer questions found on the reverse of the cover page.
  • Brief CV (not more than one page in length)
  • Most recent copies of your school reports from the last two years.
  • ICHM application form (unless an application to attend ICHM has already been forwarded).
  • Evidence of English language ability (e.g. IELT S/TOE FL)
  • The ICHM Application form can be found on the ICHM website.
  • All sections must be completed and submitted along with the Scholarship form and details.

Scholarship Application Fee: A$50.

For more information:

Fax: (+61 8228 3684
Post:ICHM Admissions Office
124 Hutt Street
Adelaide SA 5000


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